¡A Miami!

26 August 2014

I have finally made it to Miami! And let me tell you, it is awesome here! I absolutely could not be any happier.

On my run this evening, I passed a group workout class, a nice seafood restaurant tucked away next to the river that runs through my community, a painting class, and an organic market and bakery. When you look out my window, it is the rear of a shopping center which includes a Goodwill, family dollar, and a discount grocery store. I’m in walking distance of two different bus stops and the public library. By the way, did I mention I love it here?! What a fantastic community.

As Kelli, Mark, and I settle in, I begin to think of our challenges. Challenges of living together, and challenges of the physical place in which we live. It is a primarily Haitian community which I know little to nothing about. We did have Haitian food for lunch which was absolutely delicious.

My final high point of the day was locating my agency where I will be working. It is indeed within walking distance of the Marlins stadium. Tomorrow, the challenge will be finding it on the public transit system.

To conclude, I love the apartment, I’m enjoying the company of my roommates and new supervisor, Callie, without whom it would have been impossible to navigate Miami.

Our internet box has not come in, so I’m sending this from the McDonalds that is also next door to our apartment.

¡A Miami!


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