Lazy Sunday

There are so many reasons why I love Sunday. It’s the one day you can walk down the street in Miami and the city feels like it’s at peace. The chaos has calmed itself.

Halloween was excellent. My roommates and I were able to attend a large block party in the arts district as well as Mark and I rode in the Critical Mass. Critical Mass is a bike ride that happens every fourth Friday and consists of at least a few hundred persons on bikes taking over the street. Here are a few words on that: it. Was. AWESOME! I had a small speaker and played my music while I rode over the bridges and streets through Little Havana, by the airport, and Allapattah into the block party in Wynwood. Another great part? The weather has finally dropped below 80 degrees and a thousand percent humidity. Of course it was Halloween, so everyone was dressed up. It’s funny riding a bike next to Jesus and a zombie.

A few other highlights from Miami? I am absolutely loving my job. I work hard and a lot, but it’s been really good. We are currently working on leading the Miami Community Leadership Institute which is seven three-hour courses on various topics of leadership. It has gotten me really connected with various leaders in the community. Our speakers range from pastors to city planners to University of Miami professors and staff. It’s also beginning to inspire my own ideas on community leadership and what that looks like.

We just finished coordinating our huge service project this past Saturday. It was a paint and beautification project of six houses in Broward County with over a hundred volunteers. I throughly enjoyed working with the homeowners for the past few months getting to know them. The volunteers ended up having a great day and the project overall was a great success. Definitely worth the 3:45am wake up call (ha)!

As for everything else, it’s been good. Learning about Miami and exploring has been really fun! Our community days have been very successful from service projects to Friday seeing, “Dear White People” we have done a variety of different activities. I’m gearing to vote this week as a Miami resident which is very exciting. And finally, I wanted to include a picture of my roommates and I.

Until Next Time,


One thought on “Lazy Sunday

  1. I’ve wanted to see the movie “Dear White People” for a while!! It looks like an interesting comedy! I hope you are enjoying your time in Miami! It’s great to see that you guys are doing awesome things in Miami! Peace and Blessings!

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